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About Us

Bronxton is creation. We believe in the human drive to create. In everything Bronxton creates, we strive to make something of which we are proud - something that will benefit our fellow human in some way or another. Have you felt how soft our basic tees are? Now that’s something we’re proud of!

Bronxon is community. We believe that every human plays a part to contribute to the greater good of those around them. Whether you’re a teacher, chef, nurse, musician, or electrician, everyone has the ability to contribute. You can rely on us, and we hope we can rely on you too.

Bronxton is action. We believe in pursuing an active, healthy lifestyle. We see mountainous peaks as a feat to be conquered and the ocean as a conquest to be mastered. What challenge can we confront today?

Bronxton is presence. We believe that humans and organizations must make conscious choices to create a world that is good for all people and sustainable for the planet. Sustainable fabrics? Yes please!