From Roark’s website:

Roark Revival. The Artifacts of Adventure.

Affectionately known as Roark, IT is a revival of A bold adventurism through the eyes of an idealized figure. The brand follows “Roark” and his meandering travels as an illusive, idealized figure, weaving his story into a timeless line of lifestyle products, T-Shirts and Trinkets. You never know where the artifacts of Roark’s journey might appear. Fans of Roark can follow the story online, OUR PRODUCT, in zines distributed at our dealers each season, and through OTHER various STORYTELLING EXPERIMENTS.

The line is derivative of Roark’s experiences, consisting of images, thoughts and trinkets collected along the course of his adventures. They are the artifacts of his experience. Roark is as comfortable at the Sydney Opera House as it is in an Argentinian holding cell and the products reflect that – basic, durable, timeless, and well coordinated. The Roark Revivalist crew is a fashionable but understated faction, willing to spend 30 hours on an airplane, in a car, or on a train, just to shred alone.

If you follow the story of Roark, you’ll understand when I say he’s somewhere around Ocean Beach, revving the engine on a cafe racer, about to tear down Highway 1 in the inky blackness towards Santa Cruz. What Roark experiences is ever changing, but it is always based in a timeless sense of adventure and independence. Roark’s story and his ethic sits, unreachable, brightly guiding us forward. Roark is therefore, what no team rider, surf contest, film premiere or ADVENTURER could truly be, ONLY what they espouse to be.