Salt Lake City, UT
Salary: $45,000.00 to $55,000.00 /year

We are hiring a Regional Manager to oversee our stores in the City Creek, Fashion Place and South Town Malls.

The ideal candidate will have strong experience in Retail and Fashion industry, with deep knowledge in Sales, leading, merchandising, financials and organization, you will inspire and lead with an open door policy, our multiple teams are encouraged to think, to speak up and contribute to the aggressive growth that our company has reached only because of what each one of our employees who are treated like family has to offer.


Recruiting and Hiring of Store Management:

  • Anticipates District and area management personnel needs
  • Knows all existing and potential vacancies within region
  • Collaborates with peers to develop company wide store talent pipeline
  • Monitors progress of promotable management staff within region
  • Knows who is being trained
  • Knows Store Managers level of proficiency and availability
  • Builds succession plans designed to meet company growth goals
  • Continually recruits potential store managers through:
  • Shopping the competition and looking for excellent management skills
  • Personal and business contacts
  • Campus recruitment and recruiting agencies
  • Placing help-wanted ads
  • Complies with company policies and federal, state and local laws

Induction and Training of New Store Managers:

  • Completes New Hire packet and forwards to HR Dept by deadline
  • Checks out new store manager on appropriate Job Responsibility Checklist
  • Communicates performance expectations objectively
  • Ensures new store managers complete Manager-In-Training Program
  • Continues assistance in areas needing improvement
  • Completes store managers performance evaluations at end of training period

Payroll Budgets:

  • Assists store managers in developing ideal schedules for proper coverage, productivity and budgeting
  • Monitors schedules and minimums planners weekly to ensure efficient staffing
  • Monitors payroll cost percentages for each store and region
  • Monitors store managers personal schedules/ensures managers are working at peak business times
  • Ensures scheduling and payroll procedures are completed accurately and punctually
  • Ensures all company compensation policies are followed:
  • Sign in/out; employees paid properly


  • Prepares annual performance reviews for Store Managers in region and submits them to superior no later than three weeks prior to review date
  • Conducts regular performance reviews for all Store Managers in region
  • Ensures all employees receive timely performance reviews
  • Submits names of Store Manager candidates to Corporate Office
  • Submits for approval all management salary increases for region
  • Approves/denies promotions and salary increases of region’s store managers based on performance reviews and budget

Management/Staff Training and Development:

  • Uses the “Do you understand? Show me” validation step
  • Gives feedback promptly (positive and corrective)
  • Coaches Store Managers on store metrics, behaviors and coaching skills
  • Assists store managers in developing action plans to improve metrics
  • Ensures store managers are coaching subordinates weekly on metrics and selling behaviors
  • Conducts management training sessions through:
  • Formal monthly area supervisor conference calls
  • One-on-one training during area visits
  • Conducts store meetings in each store at least two times per year
  • Ensures all store managers in region are checked out on appropriate Job Responsibility Checklists

Progressive Discipline:

  • Complies with government regulations and company policy
  • Documents corrective action on appropriate forms
  • Coaches store managers in region on use of progressive discipline
  • Executes disciplinary procedures fairly and correctly
  • Ensures company policy is followed for progressive discipline

Planning and Goal-setting:

  • Analyzes business trends and creates strategic and tactical plans to increase sales, control expenses and drive overall District profitability
  • Evaluates and documents internal/external factors affecting business quarterly and submits to upper management by 10th of month following quarter

Execution and Monitoring of Goals:

  • Monitors weekly sales, weekly dot status, payroll by store and month-to-date status
  • Assists store managers in implementing contests to encourage achievement of sales goals
  • Works with store managers weekly to implement sales goals and ensuring they are met
  • Monitors sales trends to determine the effectiveness of current action plan, promotions and contests
  • Reviews monthly P&L statements for each store

Sales and Service:

  • Ensures that Non-negotiable Sales Standards are followed
  • Spends time on the sales floor during each store visit, observing sales presentations and giving appropriate feedback
  • Creates a sales culture to drive profitability through discipline, accountability and service
  • Implements initiatives to achieve world-class standards and enhance customer experience
  • Ensures all escalated customer service issues are promptly and properly resolved
  • Monitors shopping reports for customer service effectiveness and compliance with standards
  • Ensures Store Managers in region follow up on all shopping reports with appropriate rewards or consequences

Operational Procedures:

  • Ensures company shrinkage control policies/procedures are followed
  • Completes a store visit monthly for each store to ensure all aspects of store operations meet or exceed company standards (Exception: stores with gold-star sales status for previous four weeks)
  • Follows up to ensure issues on Partner Meeting Reports are handled
  • Reviews productivity files during each store visit
  • Monitors store expense control and provides recommendations for reduction
  • Follows up to ensure expense control recommendations are acted upon in a timely manner
  • Knows and understands all policies and procedures
  • Ensures all employees read and understand policy and procedure manual and that all policies and procedures are adhered to
  • Monitors to ensure policy and procedure manuals are current
  • Documents violations of company policy or noncompliance
  • Participates in new store openings within assigned region
  • Monitors petty cash
  • Submits travel reports to superior within two weeks after completing travel
  • Takes disciplinary action immediately for any violation of company cash-handling policies and procedures
  • Monitors phone bills and Internet browser history to ensure phones and computers are used only for company business
  • Monitors social media sites and CRM system for rapid response to customer issues
  • Effectively uses company communication channels (phone, email, etc.)

Stock Levels and Product Assortment:

  • Develops or assists in developing product assortment plans for stores
  • Assists store managers in communicating clearly with Buyers regarding improper stock levels (+/-)
  • Watches trends that may affect stores’ basic stock levels
  • Communicates chronic out-of-stock situations to Purchasing Dept/Buyers
  • Monitors merchandise transfers in and out of stores
  • Ensures all merchandise transfers are approved and executed in a timely and proper manner at store level
  • Communicates with Corporate Office regarding competitors’ merchandise assortment


  • Ensures all promotional information is received and that all staff members are properly informed
  • Ensures promotions are set correctly and stores are staffed adequately
  • Ensures merchandise levels are sufficient for promotion
  • Communicates competitors’ promotions to Corporate Office
  • Communicates results of promotions to Corporate Office


  • Ensures company visual display standards are being followed
  • Visually evaluates each store’s seasonal display changes
  • Provides competitors’ visual display ideas to Corporate Office
  • Provides visual display training in any deficient areas
  • Utilizes available tools (digital camera, books, guides) to ensure displays are fresh, full and colorful


  • Accepts full responsibility for all stores in region
  • Gives store managers feedback continually as part of the process of improving store metrics and supporting career development
  • Sets performance goals and targets for managers and follows up to see that they are reached
  • Documents suggestions, ideas and opportunities for company growth or improvement and communicates them to Corporate Office
  • Delegates routine tasks and follows up on their completion
  • Makes training and developing of employees a top priority
  • Appraises employees’ performance accurately and honestly


  • Leads and shapes retail business strategies for stores in region
  • Works to achieve model store status for all stores in region
  • Communicates an inspirational vision
  • Promotes environment that encourages creativity and learning by sharing best practices
  • Volunteers willingly for additional responsibilities
  • Remains open and adaptable to both change and new responsibilities
  • Builds and leverages relationships with peers and business community to positively impact business decisions (i.e., gains influence)
  • Maintains exemplary degree of professionalism at all times

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